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Appearing in the Assassin's Diary Graumunchen is listed as one of the current tutors for the guild. He is unique among them as he is the only dwarf. In appearance he has a short neat white beard and hair, and is dressed in the stylish black worn by all assassins. Being a dwarf, he still retains his steel-capped boots, a small helmet and a chain-mail waistcoat. In the Guild photo, Graumunchen is shown carrying a large mining pickaxe.

From his accent, and use of the word 'boyo' is would be a fair guess that his family originally came from the dwarf clans in Llamedos.

He is the tutor for Geography, and holds that 'you can't kill 'em, boyo, if you can't find 'em!'. He runs special courses in applied geography and flint knapping so that no assassin should ever be without an edge. He is extremely proud of being one of the first dwarfs born in Ankh-Morpork and prouder still of having never been down a mine, and declares he wouldn't dream of hitting a rock with anything bigger than a small hammer.

He is housemaster of Welcome Soap House.