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Name Grinjer
Race Human
Age 26
Occupation Model maker
Physical appearance
Residence Royal Palace, Djelibeybi
Marital Status
Books Pyramids

Grinjer is twenty-six and still lives with his mother. He lives in Djelibeybi and is a happy man, in that his hobby/lifetime obsession is also his career. He is the maker of incredibly detailed and accurate grave models to the nobility of the Djel and is renowned, in modelling circles, for the sheer amount of detail and accuracy he can put into a 1:120 scale river trireme. Up until Dios inadvertently sat on it, it was accurate right down to the very last plank in the deck.

Grinjer remains single, but lives in hope that one day there will be a girl who will recognise the supreme importance of providing a third hand, when needed, to stop that pesky chariot wheel getting out of alignment before the glue dries. Indeed, his specification for the ideal wife would be somebody who can mix up a new batch of glue from basic ingredients and help with the basic, less skilled but time-consuming, work while he gets on with the fine detail modelling.

There appears to be very little actual pay in being Royal Model-Maker, but all the expensive raw materials and paints are provided gratis. What more could a man ask for?

Even after the collapse of the pyramids and the associated grave-goods industry, a man like Grinjer could surely find gainful employment making those necessary architectural models of all those new-fangled bridges and aqueducts and things that the Ptaclusp family are proposing to do, at Queen Ptraci's bequest, with all this handy dressed stone that's suddenly lying around in profusion...