Guild of Town Criers

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An occupational Guild threatened with extinction after the invention of newspapers and the Clacks and the re-opening of the Royal Mail. With other options opening up for transmitting information further, faster, and quicker (if not louder) this Guild was all but winding up. Then the Railways opened up and the big interchange opened up at New Ankh Station.

All of a sudden there was an opening for people who could shout louder and whose voices could carry over trains, people, and the background hubbub of a railway station. The Guild of Town Criers, almost overnight, became the Guild of Railway Station Platform Announcers communicating which trains are going where, that the 10:30 out of Sto Kerrig is running approximately three minutes late, and to remember all your bags when leaving the station.

Mrs Georgina Bradshaw notes that the announcements can still be distorted by all the internal echos within the station. the shrill of train whistles always masks the important bit, and if a Dwarvish announcer is making a statement simultaneously, listeners have no chance of disentangling it at all.