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One of the Grags in Thud! who came from Uberwald to preach in Ankh-Morpork while he and other grags searched for a lost Cube. Hamcrusher wore the typical black leather-flapped robes and pointy hood of the Grags. His speeches about the superiority of Dwarfs over Trolls caused much controversy in Ankh-Morpork. He spoke about how trolls were not truly alive, and that killing one was not murder, rather should be considered an act of kindness. Allegedly killed by a Troll. His murder was witnessed by Brick.


A Dwarf, whose position makes him part "religious" leader and part politician, making inflammatory speeches about the racial inferiority, mendacity, laziness, general untrustworthiness and perfidy of Trolls, the great enemy, inciting passions in an overcrowded city where the lowest common denominator is always ready to blame others for its misfortunes and go scapegoat-hunting.

There are depressingly too many referents on Roundworld both historical (the Nazis) and current... without naming names and risking libel actions, certain religious/political leaders in Northern Ireland whose speeches are all about the menace posed by feckless and untrustworthy followers of a different but related religion. And what about the extreme Rabbis in Israel who regularly demand righteous smiting of the ungodly Arabs, followers of an inferior religion, who still persist in the deluded impression that the West Bank really belongs to them? Or indeed the imams screaming for Jihad against the perfidious Jews and Western infidels? Or the extreme Hindus demanding India become a Hindu theocracy and all Moslems, Sikhs and Christians be expelled? Or American christian evangelists screaming for a new crusade against Satanic forces in the world? Wherever you look, there's a demagogue of some sort...

In a very real sense, any concept can become "religious" if preached with blind ideological zeal, including such ideas as "political correctness" and "global warming"...And the debates can become vitriolic, even violent.