Health and Safety Officer

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One of those jobs in any large organisation that no sane person would ever reasonably want to do. It generally carries no extra pay but confers a lot of time-consuming responsibilities, largely involving writing Risk Assessments for common tasks which have hitherto been seen as being so simple or so self-evidently self-explanatory that nobody's ever seen the point before. Most organisations view the post-holder as a convenient blame-taker for when something goes wrong and an injured employee sues the company, i.e. a cook who has not been told in writing that Fire Burns and fingers are not meant to be inserted into it. Modern thinking holds that unless the patently bleeding obvious is written down, people are made to read it, and then to sign a piece of paper confirming they have read it and understand the risk, catastrophic accidents will happen.

If a sane and normal person cannot be found to do the job, there is always a frustrated Hitler, who quite unaccountably has not been elevated to a position where they can invade Poland, who will relish the power involved in forcing their co-workers to do time-consuming pointless things in the name of Health and Safety legislation. For more, see here:

This position was first created by the N'Tuitif tribe who in fact created the post before they had even established the post of witch doctor.

The luckless post-holder at Unseen University is Rincewind.