Horse People

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A nomadic barbarian tribe who live up near the Hublands. As their name suggests they are very fond of horses. They fight on them, ride them, and it is said are ‘born in the saddle’ though few women would appreciate this as a birthing position.

In their tents, made from horse hide, they eat horse sausages, and drink what is hopefully beer, and burn horse dung on their fires as fuel. Rincewind remarked that they ‘had a lot to learn about ventilation, starting with what the word meant’.

They are friends with Cohen the Barbarian and give him and his companions shelter in The Colour of Magic.

They had a necromancer as their wise woman and spiritual leader, who appeared surprisingly adept at her craft. She used the Caroc Cards to determine where Twoflower had gone, and then sent Rincewind to the house of Death to bring back his soul.