Igorina Clinic

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For when what the Gods gave you is not enough. Or possibly too much.

The Igorina Clinic is located on Slippery Back and is a valuable addition to the wide panoply of medical services to be found in the city of Ankh-Morpork. it offers discreet consultation and evaluation of the kind of improvements that can be made to the physical form of those women who feel they were short-changed by Nature. Igorinas are justly renowned for the delicacy and near-invisibility of their stitching, and any Igorina is a walking advertisement for self-improvement. a group of enterprising Igorinas decided to offer their specialist services to Womankind of all races, including trolls. Golems of a Gladys persuasion are also considered, and it is believed renowned sculptress Daniellarina Pouter is on call as a Consultant for clay surgery of this sort.

A publicity poster, for which I am trying to contact the artist for permission to reproduce, is displayed {{http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/carnievorex/plastic-pottery-poster here]]. Watch this space!