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A minor member of the Djelibeybian nobility, locked in an intractable battle with peasant farmer tenant Ptorne which was resolved to the satisfaction of all by Pteppic and reinterpreted according to long-standing custom, precedent and tradition by Dios.

There is some doubt as to the precise name of this prince: it only appears twice in the whole of Pyramids, but once as Imbetos and once as Imtebos. You pays your money....

Reason for article move and associated redirect

Owing to a spelling error in the earliest editions of Pyramids, the name of this character appears variably as Imtebos and Imbetos.

After discussion, it would appear that the error only appears in the first paperback edition of Pyramids, and later editions correct it to the universal spelling of Imtebos.

However, the Wiki page had already been raised under the title of Imbetos. As the consensus spelling would appear to be Imtebos, it appeared the most sensible thing to do (first edition typo notwithstanding) was to move the page and put a redirect on "Imbetos. --AgProv 19:23, 6 August 2008 (UTC)