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Jack Cohen has created four careers (at least) from the study of biology. He is an academic, Professor of Biology and Honorary Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick, a practical scientist working in assisted conception at the Birmingham Women's Hospital, consultant to creators of Sci-Fi print, film, and TV productions in the design of likely alien races, and author (usually in collaboration) of popular science books. In the latter capacity, he first combined with Ian Stewart, also at U. Warwick, to produce a series of popular science and science fiction books, and then with Terry Pratchett as well, for the Science of Discworld series. He is also prominent in the fight against the forces of creationism and "intelligent design."

Jack Cohen is one of the most successfully private famous people in the world. Much of the usual biographical information that would be included in an article like this is unavailable even to Wikipedia.1 To add to the struggle of would-be biographers, he has already been confused with Dr. Jacques Cohen, another reproductive biologist with an incredibly similar position at St. Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey (the offending internet page has since been removed).

1 Improvements by diligent Wikipedians have since rendered this claim obsolete.

Books :

  • Figments of Reality
  • The Collapse of Chaos
  • Evolving the Alien: The Science of Extraterrestrial Life
  • What Does a Martian Look Like? .....................................(all with Ian Stewart)


  • Wheelers (with Ian Stewart)
  • Heaven (with Ian Stewart)