Ian Stewart

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Ian Stewart
Name Ian Stewart, PhD FRS
Race Human
Age b. 1945 CE
Occupation Mathematician
Physical appearance Not very mathematical
Residence England
Children Two sons
Marital Status Married to Avril
Books The Science of Discworld, The Science of Discworld II: the Globe, The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch, The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day

A math prodigy discovered by a teacher in secondary school, Ian Stewart received a scholarship to Churchill College, Cambridge, and went on to earn his PhD from the University of Warwick, where he is now Professor of Mathematics. He has also held visiting positions at American, German, and New Zealand universities. He has written eighteen books of popular science (not counting some in French,) and has published over 140 papers of mathematical research.

More importantly, of course, he has combined with Jack Cohen and Terry Pratchett to create The Science of Discworld series, in which he and Cohen alternate investigations of Roundworld science with Pratchett's accounts of the Wizards' attempts to understand "Quantum".

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