Juliet Stollop

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Juliet Stollop
Juliet by Distressedpudding
Name Juliet Stollop / Jools / Jewels
Race Human
Age ~late teens
Occupation Night Kitchen Cook/Model
Physical appearance Incandescently beautiful, slim
Residence Dolly Sisters, Ankh-Morpork
Parents Mr. Stollop (father)
Relatives Billy (brother), Algernon (brother), 3rd brother (name unknown)
Marital Status
Books Unseen Academicals

Juliet Stollop is a fashion model and cook who is a childhood friend and neighbour of Glenda Sugarbean. She is a Dolly Sisters football team supporter and has, since the events of Unseen Academicals, fallen in love with Trevor Likely, a Dimwell Old Pals supporter.

She is considered so beautiful that the UU wizards stop bickering when she pushes the dessert trolley into the room... and not because food has arrived. They suddenly drift off into their minds, feeling the urge to write poems. Her most casual of movements are filled with grace. She was even the unwitting subject of the painting Beauty Arising from the Pease Pudding Cart Attended by Cherubs Carrying Hot Dogs and Pies (the artist was inspired by her during a football match).

Juliet's apparent Achilles' heel is her "sweet, empty head". She's not the brightest girl, and her elocution leaves a lot to be desired. Glenda worried that if she got new ideas, "there was such a lot of room in there for them to bounce around and do damage". This initial impression is later called into question both by Juliet's occasional incisive comment, which Glenda finds particularly unnerving, and Juliet's creative thinking during the friends' pursuit of Nutt. In fact, the more Glenda allows Juliet to make her own decisions, the more Juliet steps up to the challenge.

She was discovered by Madame Sharn, putting on a false beard and modelling Micromail for Shatta. Introducing herself to some after-show guests as 'Jools' (breaking the ice with a call of "Wotcher!"), this was transformed by gossip into her stage name, 'Jewels'. She only modelled once during the book, but was so resplendent that everyone clamoured to find out more about her. It is implied that she will continue with her modelling career, although she had to sort everything out with Trev Likely first.


There are obvious parallels between Juliet and the character of Eliza in Pygmalion, on which the musical My Fair Lady was based. Eliza is the subject of an attempt to pass off a flower girl as a duchess by, at first, simply teaching her to speak like one, and Juliet is the subject of an attempt (which was rather more successful) to pass off a short and slightly thin kitchen girl as a mystery dwarf by adding a beard. Early on in Unseen Academicals, while on a horse-bus ride, Glenda comments to Juliet that it would be advantageous for her to learn how to speak more eloquently: "You don't have to sound like--" and the bus driver interrupts with, "my fare, lady?"

Her name and nicknames also have double references. There is the obvious Juliet "star-crossed lovers" reference, but also, interestingly, the description of her rising into the air, shining gold, points to Jools also being a reference, in this case to the Jules Rimet Trophy for the World Cup (the figure appearing on the Roundworld cup is Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.)

More obviously, Juliet is also the Discworld's first "WAG". "WAG" is a term used in the British press to describe the ultra-glamorous, but usually dim & vacuous, "Wives And Girlfriends" of celebrity footballers (eg Victoria Beckham). A fashion model (e.g. Juliet) dating a famous footballer (e.g. Trev) is a stereotypical WAG relationship.