Joe "Lifer" Bushyhead

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Joe "Lifer" Bushyhead is President of the Lags' Guild, which looks after the interests of professional prisoners. He maintains a close and mostly amicable relationship with the Thieves' Guild, as it is accepted that a Thief in prison is, by definition, no longer active as a Thief and will need to have their interests represented, however temporarily, by a different Guild with the appropriate specialised experience and whose representatives are closer to hand.

Therefore, apprentice Thieves are encouraged to join this Guild, should the worst come to the worst and they end up being persecuted for their beliefs by an oppressive State. (ie, they believed they'd never see the inside of the Tanty).

It is not known whether, as a Guild president and as is the default right of all Guild Presidents, Mr Bushyhead attends City Council meetings as an advisor to the Patrician. If so, a state must persist which is akin to those public appearances made by the Prime Minister of XXXX, in which he wears the traditional arrow-striped pyjamas, and is flanked by two burly Watchmen.