Julia Petley

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Julia is not long out of school, works as an apprentice at Hair Today* on the High Street, and who is convinced she has unplumbed psychic powers. Sadly for her, she has elected to study the psychic world via attendance at Madame Tracy's regular Thursday seance. She is seeking to enhance her appearance through wearing handbeaten silver jewelery and green eyeshadow, and would look the part of an emaciated sunken-cheeked Goth if she were to lose at least thirty pounds. She is convinced that she is anorexic, as every time she looks into a mirror, she does indeed see a fat girl looking back at her.

The operation of morphic resonance across the Multiverse strongly suggests that Julia, who appears as a minor character in Good Omens, is a Roundworld manifestation of Agnes Nitt.

  • Formerly A Cut Above the Rest, formerly Mane Attraction, formerly Curl Up and Dye, formerly Mister Brian's Art-de-Coiffure, formerly Robinson's the Barbers, formerly Fone-A-Car taxi Services.