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Klotz is referenced in Carpe Jugulum as a region, presumably of Überwald, where the local vampires may be dispatched simply by forcing a lemon into their mouth. However, unlike neighbouring Glitz, you are allowed to do this after decapitating the vampire. The thought occurs that the practical vampire-hunter in Überwald must need to carry a very good gazetteer and a set of maps and have a very good sense of personal location, or he might find himself terminally embarrassed, as well as facing an annoyed vampire, for using the Glitz technique on a vampire from Klotz. Agnes Nitt summarised the practical drawback when she said it might not always be possible to get the bloodsucking fiend's precise address and postcode first, prior to adopting an appropriate vampire-slaying technique.

However, Nanny Ogg, who prides herself on being a people person, was taking notes while the Quite Reverend Mightily Oats was briefing the witches on vampire-slaying techniques. She charms a junior vampire, who was quietly chuffed to be asked, into revealing to her that he was from the River Ah region of Klotz, and then orally administers a lemon, with some force. Magrat Garlick had to restrain her from going to look for a meat-cleaver to finish the job...