Liartes Dragonlord

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Liartes Wyrmbidder
Name Liartes
Race Human
Occupation Dragon Lord
Physical appearance
Residence In exile
Parents Greicha
Relatives Lio!rt, Liessa
Marital Status
Books The Colour of Magic

Liartes Wyrmbidder (Dragonlord) is the more careful and thoughtful of the two sons of the late Greicha, ruler of Wyrmberg, as featured in the The Colour of Magic.

Liartes is banished from Wyrmberg along with his brother Lio!rt as a result of a power struggle with his sister Liessa. Liessa made a deal with Hrun the barbarian that if he would defeat her brothers in combat he could rule at her side.

The brothers' choice of duel weapon is dragon. Unarmed, Hrun defeats both brothers but spares their lives.