Liessa Wyrmbidder

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Liessa Wyrmbidder
Occupation Ruler of Wyrmberg
Physical appearance Long red hair, very little clothing
Residence Wyrmberg
Parents Greicha
Relatives Lio!rt, Liartes
Marital Status In a mutually beneficial relationship with Hrun the barbarian
Books The Colour of Magic

Liessa Wyrmbidder (first name also given as "Lianna", a possible typo, and last name also given as "Dragonlady", a possible title) is the daughter of the late (or at least severely delayed) Greicha, ruler of Wyrmberg, as featured in the The Colour of Magic.

Liessa's rise to power, as ruler of Wyrmberg began with poisoning her father who, despite being dead, continued to rule until one of his children showed they were strong enough to take power. Liessa captured and enlisted the help of Hrun the barbarian who defeated her two brothers Lio!rt and Liartes in a duel with dragons. Hrun's mercy (vanity) spared the brothers their lives and Liessa banished them from Wyrmberg.

For his efforts Liessa promised to marry Hrun and for them both to rule Wyrmberg.

It is revealed in Interesting Times that Hrun has become Sergeant of the Guard in a city somewhere, so whether or not he has ended his relationship with Liessa or Liessa has decided to give up her rule of Wyrmberg and gone with him remains to be seen. It is possible that either this explanation was a misunderstanding of Hrun's true status.


An unsubtle reference to Lessa, the Weyr-woman (weyr-dragonrider base). In the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey.

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