Ludmilla Cake

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Name Ludmilla Cake
Race werewolf
Physical appearance variable
Residence Elm Street, Morpork
Parents Mrs. Evadne Cake, Mr. Cake
Marital Status in a relationship with Lupine (Reaper Man); presumed single again in Making Money
Books Reaper Man
Cameos Making Money

Ludmilla Cake is the daughter of Mrs. Evadne Cake, Ankh-Morpork's most feared medium. She is also a werewolf, although a different kind of werewolf than Angua von Uberwald. Rather than being able to become a wolf at any point, and becoming a wolf involuntarily when hit by full moon light, Ludmilla is human three weeks out of the month, and a "hairy wolf thing" during full moon, night and day. This trait was most likely inherited from Mrs. Cake's side of the family.

Ludmilla was seen at the end of Reaper Man as "walking out", or at the very least going for walkies, in the company of the wolf Lupine, who is another type of werewolf. Lupine is similar to Ludmilla in that he becomes a wolfman the entire time the moon is full, but for the rest of the month, Lupine is a full wolf. The current relationship and location of the pair is unknown.

Ludmilla returns to the series in Making Money, when she is again (apparently) single and living at home with Mum. As one of Mum's lodgers is Angua von Überwald, at least she has an opportunity for sympathetic chat, perhaps even for some "minge drinking" with the Undead girls? It is interesting that the formerly submissive Ludmilla appears to have become a lot more assertive and self-confident, especially over any perceived verbal slight to the Undead, or careless use of language concerning the "differently vitality-enabled".