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A lethal troll beverage on a par with scumble or suicider for humans or Fluff for humans and dwarves.

Luglarr is also known as Big Hammer and is guaranteed to lay the average troll flat in a matter of mere minutes. It is very hard to find something to make Troll beer more dangerous than it normally is (and this is Vetinari talking - a man thoroughly schooled in poisons by the Assassins' Guild, and a pupil who we know paid attention in class) - but certain metallic salts, dissolved in the molten mass known as troll beer, have an effect on neural pathways made of impure silicon parallel to those of a scumble attack on humans. The Electrick Floorbanger is probably a variation on a theme.

This is even before we consider the effect on trolls of all those illegal substances beginning with "ess"....