Lumuel Panter

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A long-dead powerful wizard and a previous head of the Brothers of the Order of Midnight.

He was once the tutor of Rincewind, and despaired of teaching the student anything. Years later the sound of his voice could still terrify Rincewind, and bring back unhappy memories of walking to the front of the class to draw a rune you can't remember on the board.

Although Panter and the other Heads of the Orders were tricked by Ymper Trymon and locked in the Octavo cell while he stole the book, when it appeared that Trymon had succeeded in reading the spells they were only to happy to congratulate him. Their view that ‘the ends justify the means’ might have changed when they realised that Trymon's mind had broken and a path in his head opened to the horrors of the dungeon dimensions, but by that time it was too late, and Panter was turned to stone alone with the other wizards.

His statue now graces the grounds of the University.