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Some people on the central continent think of themselves as the most important people in the world, so they never bothered to give their own continent a name. It is simply The Continent. For the purposes of clarity, The Discworld Companion and various official websites and adverts in English list this continent as "The (Unnamed) Continent"; it is also sometimes listed as "The Nameless Continent" or "the Central Continent".

It stretches from Hergen and Gonim turnwise to Kythia widdershins and from Ecalpon {over the hub and close to the Wall of the Agatean Empire} to Brindisi rimward.
The main continent contains regions known as:

Separated from the Counterweight continent semi-permannt ice flows and frozen sea by Ecalpon, the continent is geologically contiguous with the continent of Klatch. However people always think of that as a separate continent, much as Europe and Asia are often thought of as separate continents on the Roundworld. The main continent and the Klatchian continent together almost landlock the Circle Sea.

The Compleat Discworld Atlas breaks the political landscape of the Main Continent down as follows:

  • The Sto Plains;
  • The Ramtop Region:
  • Llamedos and the Turnwise Ocean coast;
  • Überwald and the Kneck Valley;
  • The Widdershins Lands;
  • The Muntab Provinces