Octarine Grass Country

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Octarine Grass Country
Neighbours Llamedos, Pseudopolis, The Chalk
Geographical Features blue grass due to high magic levels, the river Quire
Population sparse
Type of government small local fiefdoms like Keepsake
Notable Citizens Mort, Renata Flitworth, Ned Simnel
Imports Goods
Exports Tharga beast meat, Reannual wine
National Anthem
Books Mort, Reaper Man, I Shall Wear Midnight

One of the examples of the high amount of magical background radiation in the Ramtops. The reason for its name is the strange hue the magic gives to the local flora. The river Quire, rising in the Ramtops, is the principal river and waterway, and flows on through Quirm to the sea.

The region was home to Mort, Renata Flitworth and Ned Simnel in the Death Series as well as the Keepsakes in I Shall Wear Midnight.