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In the computer game "Discworld Noir", Malaclypse is a priest at the Temple of Small Gods who is devoted to the trickster-goddess Errata. Malaclypse is a little deranged and finds conspiracies everywhere.


Malaclypse is also a priest of Eris (the Greek trickster-Goddess) in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy of novels, where the Goddess is a central character, and in which conspiracy theories and the mind-sets of those believing in them are taken up way past eleven. Owing to the intervention of the Goddess, Malaclypse has here been raised to a higher energy level and effectively made immortal. (She thought it would be fun and instructive to actually answer a prayer, once in a while. The immortal and transcendent Malaclypse is the result.) He is philosophically trying to make the best of the Goddess's gift, some three thousand years after he should have died at the siege of Troy. He passes the time in mischief and getting involved in, as well as creating, new conspiracies to occupy the minds of mortals and to really get them thinking about the issues involved. His proudest moment, apparently, was when he masqueraded as an itinerant preacher in Palestine to get the biggest conspiracy of all - Christianity - up and established.

Another crossover between Discworld, and Shea&Wilson's manic fantasy?