Marco Soto

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Marco Soto
Name Marco Soto
Race Human
Occupation History Monk
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Thief of Time
Cameos Night Watch

A member of the Ankh-Morpork section of the History Monks, Soto is the monk who found and recruited Lobsang Ludd. Unusually for a monk, he is not bald, but has a mass of long, black hair. When questioned, Soto explained that the hair was a separate entity that happened to live on him. He was given a field position very quickly after that. He was assigned to Ankh-Morpork where he noticed the apprentice thief Newgate Ludd performing the Stance Of The Coyote. He shipped Ludd off to Oi Dong quickly and erased his records and memory at the Guild thoroughly.

A calm and tranquil person, Soto's only problem is an unwillingness for anyone to touch his hair. This led to several Auditors being exploded by one of Qu's begging bowls after a chance axe blow severed a small lock of hair from his head.

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