Marjorie Potts

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The real name of Madame Tracy, which is used in anger by Beryl Ormerod at the end of a disastrous seance where, instead of her usual spirit guide Geronimo, she unexpectedly gets a temporarily disembodied angel called Aziraphale, who can summon the spirits of the dead to say what they really think. (Sometimes, Aziraphale can be more creatively nasty than Anthony Crowley, especially when riled. But Crowley is aware that Angels of the Light can sometimes be moved to smite more righteously than a situation calls for.) After Beryl's husband Ron Ormerod gets a once-in-an-afterlifetime opportunity to tell her to shut up, courtesy of Aziraphale, things escalate to Defcon Three by use of the "Marjorie Potts" name.