Mister Frank

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Mister Frank appears in Witches Abroad as a gambler who made a massive error of judgement on a river-boat to Genua. He made frriends with a harmless and naive old lady who was in charge of the travelling funds for her group of rather innocent-seeming travellers, and suggested a little game of cards, as between friends, to while away the time. From his point of view, it all went according to plan until another dotty-seeming old lady asked to sit in on the game and asked the fateful words "so how do you play this, then?" he soon learnt that the Assassin cardinal sin of over-confidence doesn't just appply to Assassins. He left the game a lot poorer, if not necessarily wise to the notion that when an old lady has played cards against Death - and won - you do not invite her to a game where mere money is at stake.