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Former Uberwald Republic of Mouldavia
Neighbours Borogravia, Zlobenia, Upper Klatchistan
Geographical Features The river Kneck
Capital Stadtschweinburger
Type of government Republic
Notable Citizens
Imports War
Exports Grain, Beef, Dairy, Sausages, Pork, Refugees and War
National Anthem
Books Night Watch, The Compleat Discworld Atlas

Mouldavia (official name: Former Uberwald Republic of Mouldavia), this is a country adjacent, nay contiguous, with Borogravia, and therefore almost permanently at war with a country led by frothing priests of a loony god and an enormous military trying to justify itself. It is a former part of the Dark Empire.

In Night Watch it is invaded by Borogravia which means that Ankh-Morpork may have to accept refugees including humans and Kvetch.

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