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Neighbours Borogravia, Mouldavia, Upper Klatchistan, Skund
Geographical Features The river Kneck
Size medium
Capital Rigour
Type of government Monarchy, current ruler: Prince Heinrich
Notable Citizens
Imports War
Exports Hand-Painted Clogs, War
National Anthem
Books Monstrous Regiment, The Compleat Discworld Atlas

Zlobenia is one of many small Duchies and Principalities on the widdershins slopes of the Ramtops. Its neighbour is Borogravia, with which it is in a state of perpetual warfare due to the unreliable course of the river Kneck which marks the border. The country is ruled by Prince Heinrich; its capital city is Rigour and its main export is hand painted clogs.

Zlobenia is not marked on The Discworld Mapp, but a fair bet is that it is rimwards of Borogravia and due widdershins of Ankh-Morpork. There is lots of empty space here for new countries to fit, and any one of three un-named rivers that rise in the Ramtops and feed into a large, un-named, inland sea could be the Kneck.


The name of the country recalls that of Slovenia of the Roundworld, a neighbour to Austria, whose easternmost province is Burgenland, which recalls the Borogravia with which Zlobenia is in constant military conflict. Also it is of note that the root of the panslavic word for "malice" is Zlob.

Rigour (meaning hardship, strictness or severity) is close to a homonym for Riga, the capital of Latvia.

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