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The Munrung tribe are hunters. They live on the Carpet. As subjects of the Dumii Empire, they are Counted once every 10 years, but they don't bother much with other tribes. They were once a warlike people but they are far more peaceful since joining the Dumii Empire.

The word munrung means "The People" or "True Human" (as with most tribes.) They are currently led by Glurk, the eldest son of the last chief. They once lived on the outskirts of the carpet near Woodwall but since their last village stockage was destroyed by the mysterious force Fray they have relocated to just outside Ware, the Dumii capital.

Members of the Munrung

  • Pismire - Shaman
  • Glurk - Leader
  • Snibril
  • Bretha
  • Gurth
  • Damion Oddfoot
  • Cadmic Hargalder - Spearmaker
  • Widow Mulluck
  • Lodor Plint - Shoemaker
  • Crooly Wulf
  • Geridon