Nanny Ogg (championship variety)

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It's small, full-bodied, somewhat red and round and shiny and fruity. It keeps well, but is prone to wrinkling. After winning several championships, and belonging to a variety which is extremely fecund, disgustingly robust and which breeds like nothing on earth, it is very likely that thousands of people across the Disc will soon be having a very big nibble on a Gytha Ogg.

We are in fact talking about a championship-winning apple variey grown by Lancre's peerless horticulturist, Percy Hopcroft. In gratitude for a cure perpetrated on him after he fell off a ladder and broke his leg, Percy named the new apple after his local witch, a fact she took great pride in. Unfortunately for Percy, she wasn't slow in boasting about it to Esmerelda Weatherwax, who pointedly refused a consequent invitation to dine on roast pork and apple sauce. The unfortunate consequences may be read in The Sea and Little Fishes. However, Percy, a man with the usual well-honed sense of self-preservation common in Lancre when dealing with witches, redeemed himself by asking permission to name another prize-winning variety the Esme Weatherwax.