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A female impersonator, one of the group calling itself Petunia the Desert Princess.

Neilette starts from a considerable disadvantage in that she is actually female to begin with, and therefore is incapable of doing a convincing drag act to save her life.

She is protected by the others in the group, who include a male sibling, and most of the time acts as wardrobe mistress away from the eye of an unforgiving Fourecksian public. She discovers Trunkie, who briefly joins the troupe as Travelling Wardrobe, and who gets into the spirit of the thing by wearing most of the available shoes.

Originally from Worralorrasurfa, and only touring with the Petunias to do her brother Noelene a favour. (He was indisposed, having tried to combine his hobbies of cross-dressing and surfing, only to come a cropper on an unexpected coral reef while wearing a natty designer ballgown).

She is discovering that female impersonation is no job for a woman.