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The smith of the Gods.

This vacancy always arises in a well-ordered pantheon, as every organisation needs somebody who's clever with their hands to do all the odd-jobs and minor repairs about the place. In accordance with the principle of maximising belief by adopting alternate identities, he may also be known as Dennis, Janitor and General Handyman at Dunmanifestin.

Neoldian occupies this function for the Discworld gods. In The Last Hero, he repairs the Kite to make it airworthy for its final flight back to Ankh-Morpork. The illustration shows a big burly blacksmith holding the Kite up in a set of pincers, the relative scales making it look like an Airfix model aircraft.


As mentioned in The Last Hero, every major pantheon has one of these. Gods/Beings of craft in Roundworld pantheons include Wayland the Smith, Vulcan, Hephaestus and Dennis. The last of these is according to TP. There is also the intriguing link to Aulë, the craftsman-demiurge of Middle Earth, who in a spare distracted moment created Dwarfs. Neoldian as an aspect of Tak?