Newton Pulsifer

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Witchfinder Private Newton Pulsifer
Name Newton Pulsifer
Age 26
Occupation Witchfinder Private
Physical appearance
Residence Dorking
Relatives Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer
Marital Status
Books Good Omens

Newton Pulsifer, AKA Newt was born in Dorking, Surrey. As a boy, he was always rather proud of his sloppily assembled model airplanes and his electronic experiments. His mother was convinced of his genius despite his consistent failings. On one memorable occasion he assembled a joke circuit which had diodes the wrong way round, transistors upside-down, and a flat battery, but when he was through it picked up radio Moscow. He'd written the magazine from which he got it a letter of complaint that was never returned.

He he has an unfulfilling job at United Holdings (Holdings) PLC as wages clerk. While looking for something more interesting to do he joined the Witchfinder Army under Sergeant Shadwell shortly before the Apocalypse on the premise that he only had two nipples. Shortly after that, but also before the Apocalypse, he had what seems to have been a brief fling with Anathema Device. It didn't exactly end and probably didn't, but the book did.