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Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell
Name Shadwell
Occupation Wiitchfinder Sergeant
Physical appearance
Marital Status
Books Good Omens

Sergeant Shadwell, the last remaining sergeant of The Witchfinder Army, is a rather antisocial person. He contents himself on banging on the walls of The Painted Jezebel next door, calling her the Whore of Babylon, eating the Sunday lunches she fixes (from a safe distance, of course), coming up with names for new Witchfinder Army members (Sergeant Cabinet, Private Smith, etc.), drinking condensed milk (which he practically lives off of), and, of course, ridding the world of those awful witches. Actually, it's mostly that last one. So much so, actually that he checked the number of nipples Newton Pulsifer had before hiring him on as a Private. He is even known to pass over perfectly good supernatural happenings on the premise that it's just not the type of thing witches do.


The BBC comedy sketch series Naked Video featured a hard-to-love, shabby, dishevelled and somewhat misanthropic Welsh poet called Siadwell (pronounced Shadwell). Siadwell lived in a one-room bedsit and condensed milk featured in his diet...

There are also downmarket districts of Leeds and London (Tower Hamlets) called Shadwell. Shadwell in London sat on a natural sulphur spring which was used for producing poisonous salts for the printing, tanning and dying industries. It later degenerated into one of the worst Victorian slums.

And, Thomas Shadwell (1642-1692), was a playwright and English Poet Laureate who wrote, amongst other things The Lancashire Witches and Teague O'Divelly, the Irish Priest in 1682. This was based on the Pendle witch trials of earlier in that century, whose victims (unless they really were witches) included Elizabeth Device and Alice Nutter.