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Nisodemus is a young nome appearing in Diggers, the second book of the Bromeliad series. He is part of the Stationeri tribe, and therefore can read, believes strongly in Arnold Bros (est. 1905) and becomes the assistant to the new abbot, Gurder. He apparently goes mad because he breathes too much fresh air or something like that. Nisodemus becomes a leader of the nomes in the Quarry when the Abbot leaves with Masklin and Angalo, and tries to recreate The Store so as to be able to worship Arnold Bros (est. 1905) again - indeed, he is still sceptical that the Store was ever destroyed. He resists the plans to move the nomes to a place of safety, unwilling to accept that the humans want to intervene, and leads a delegation to face the oppressors. His belief that he could withstand being run over by a police car was strong, vivid, and, above all, short.