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Located near the headwaters of the River Ankh, the market town of Ohulan Cutash (often shortened to Ohulan) is one of the far outposts of the Sto Plains. It lies only about fifteen miles (and a large vertical drop) below Lancre and serves as its connection to the great world rimward. It is about four times the size of Lancre Town, and the biggest city most Lancrastians have ever seen. (Everyone sees a market town on market day, when it's a bustle of a thousand people, but the rest of the week, it's not very big.) It boasts what in the time of Equal Rites was one of the gloomiest and most miserable pubs in the known Multiverse, the Fiddler's Riddle. although Georgina Bradshaw and others now report that either new management or new ideas have prevailed and the pub is now a thriving, lively, and welcoming establishment - as indeed is the town, with the advent of the railway.

In Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook, the population is given as 672, and the town hosts an Artisan Cheese Festival in the month of Spune. An alternative place to stay is listed as the Barrack Farm Campsite (bring your own tent and spade to dig your own latrine). With the boom in mountaineering and hiking brought about by the railway, there is now an Ohulan Cutash Mountain Rescue Team and a Rescue Off The Mountain Team composed of local people who know the pitfalls, such as local resident Big Alum.

It is here that Hilta Goatfounder has a discreet stall selling love potions, Ramrub, Sho'Nuff and Staylong Ointment and other philtres and unguents that help the citizens cater to each other very well in certain areas. Beds, for example. As portrayed during the events in Equal Rites.

Also where Orac Oracsson has his outfitters shop, whence the erstwhile rambler Eric Wheelbrace bought his waterproofs.

Ohulan Cutash at the immediate end of events described in Raising Steam, was the extreme terminus of the working railway line, the Altiplano Express Line out of Ankh-Morpork. While one very special train made it past here into Uberwald and most of the permanent way is still there to Bonk. to re-open this line will need extensive civil engineering work to make a bridge acceptably safe and to widen the passes to allow for both an up and a down line. Without an army of deniable Golems to assist who were never even there in the first place, this will take time. So for now, all trains terminate here. Mrs Georgina Bradshaw suggests this is the ideal place to detrain and set off for a more arduous hiking expedition on foot, should your tastes run in this direction. She suggests the works of Boris von Trappe are worthy of taking over where she necessarily has to leave off, at least for the moment.

However, the later edition of The Compleat Discworld Atlas reveals that the railway line out of Ohulan has since been extended in a different direction, with a branch line to the town of Hot Dang in Lancre. This largely serves logging and goods services, but along the lines of the similar line to Effing Forest designed to serve the timber industry there, is bound to have a token passenger carriage attached to the train to serve the movement of people to and from Lancre.