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"Charcoal" Abraxas' controversial scroll on the life-cycle of the Gods.

The people who find it most controversial are of course the Gods themselves, who delivered fifteen warning messages to Abraxas, a man who habitually smelt of singed hair and charred clothing.

A sixteenth lightning strike is said to have been the equivalent of the large, serious gentlemen waving an official warrant that you get from a utility company, after disregarding the initial bill, reminder, final reminder, red letter, purple letter, and final threat of disconnection.

Didactylos the blind philosopher recollected seeing a pair of sandals with smoke spiralling up out of them just outside Abraxas' front door. This should be taken with caution as it comes from a blind man.

Had Abraxas lived to encounter the God of Evolution, he might have written a sequel, as the GoE demonstrated that Gods themselves can evolve to the point where they don't necessarily need believers - like Zombies, a strong enough purpose or intention can keep them in existence, and they don't have to degenerate back to being a half-insane whisper on the wind. However, most Gods lack the intellectual nous of the GoE and his driving spirit of scientific inquiry, along with his fervent hope there is something better than human beings. (If cockroaches ever learn to believe in a God, we're all in trouble).