Orohai Peninsular

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The Orohai peninsular is part of the geography of Trob and is home to tribes of sponge-eating pygmies who live in coral houses. Its only mention comes in The Colour of Magic. It is indeed the furthest point widdershins that you may walk to on the Central Continent without getting your feet wet, and is on the opposite side of the Gulf of Brindisi from Brindisi. Its nearest neighbour is the Rehigreed Province. The Bay of Mante, which even Death had to look up on The Discworld Mapp to be sure of where it was before attending to the aftermath of a great shipwreck, is on the Orohai Peninsular. Described as "the most far-flung widdershins outpost of the Back of Beyond" by Sir Roderick Purdeigh, who spent some time with the coral-house dwelling pygmies while suffering from skin abrasions and concussion. He also wrote a short cookery book concerning what else can be done with edible sponges, including sponge-au-gratin, boiled sponge, deep fried sponge fritters, and sponge pot roast with limpets and loofah surprise.