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Mr Pounder
Mr Pounder, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name Mr Pounder
Race Human
Age unknown
Occupation Opera House Ratcatcher
Physical appearance rodent-like little man
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death hanged by the Opera Ghost
Marital Status
Books Maskerade

Formerly the Rat-Catcher at the Opera House.

In the course of his job, which led him into the deeper and darker recesses of the Opera House, he discovered hidden treasure, and then made serious mistakes:

(i) He talked about it. Admittedly only to Mrs. Plinge, but who else was listening?


(ii) He was moved to whistle, out of pleasure at his sudden good fortune. On stage. This provoked a sudden attack of scenery, which at the time may or may not have been deliberate, and the rat-catcher was soon saying a semi-professional "hello" to the Death of Rats. While initially honoured by this and taking it as a supreme professional accolade, Pounder then uncomfortably realised reincarnation believed in him. A whole new life, or succession, of rodent lives beckoned to him...

(iii) During the great dénouement scene at the end of the Opera, when Salzella is unmasked as the Evil Ghost and is gloating about his cleverness, it is revealed that Pounder made the mistake, once having found the stolen cash, of attempting to blackmail Salzella into giving him a share in return for silence. Salzella then showed Pounder that there are other means of attaining a sure silence...