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Power Cable, Nebraska Is a Roundworld town that does not exist in our universe. It was cited by the author as the litmus test for commercial acceptance in the U.S., usurping the position of Peoria, Illinois. The town has since entered the language, to a lesser extent than Mrs Cake, as the quintessential middle-class, mid-western, middle-American community sought by all corporate marketing executives.

Used in the Bromeliad and Johnny Maxwell series as descriptive of the sort of parochial inward-looking American town where tumbleweed rolls aimlessly down the main streets. Not, and the author has clarified this, the sort of outward-looking well-educated North American towns and cities where people have the good taste to buy his books.

After publication of The Compleat Discworld Atlas and the revelation about the existence of the Great Outdoors, it would be nice to think this corner of the Discworld has a settlement called Power Cable.