Johnny Maxwell

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Name John Maxwell
Age 13
Occupation schoolboy, savior of the world
Physical appearance nondescript
Residence Blackbury
Parents two, separate
Relatives grandfather
Marital Status
Books Johnny Maxwell series

The main character of the Johnny Maxwell Series. A young, dreamy boy living in Blackbury with his gang of friends Yo-less, Wobbler, Bigmac and Kirsty. He has the usual sort of young teenage issues - family instability, divorcing parents, cannot get beyond Level Twenty in the current-but-two computer game that everyone else has moved away from, and a permanent note excusing him from Games at school.

Johnny is an unusually clever lad. He recognises the limits of his friend Kirsty's considerable intelligence, and moreover understands his own stupidity: something many don't accomplish as adults. Kirsty has the raw intelligence and a lot of facts (even if they're not all true), Bigmac is bigger and superficially tougher, Wobbler rules cyberspace, but Johnny is the leader because of a Vimes-like common sense and morality that the others sense without necessarily understanding.

Things happen to Johnny. He wishes they wouldn't, but they keep happening anyway. There was that business with the Scree-Wee (Only You Can Save Mankind); the time when dead people started talking to him (Johnny and the Dead); and that business when Mrs Tachyon's bag-lady shopping trolley sent him back in time and sent Wobbler down the wrong leg entirely of the Trousers of Time {Johnny and the Bomb).

It has been hinted upon a few times that Johnny could be some sort of psychic "guide", as Yo-less put it.

Only time will tell if things have settled down in his life...