Ptaclusp IIa

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Name Ptaclusp IIa
Race Human
Occupation Quantum accountant
Physical appearance
Residence Djelibeybi
Parents Ptaclusp
Relatives Ptaclusp IIb, twin brother
Marital Status
Books Pyramids

Ptaclusp IIa (Two-Ay) is one of the twin sons of Ptaclusp the pyramid builder. He is an accountant, and the kind of accountant who will charge you for the amount of breath expended in saying "Good morning". During the building of Ptaclusp's Folly, he invents both algebra and calculus as well as quantum accountancy to deal with the wages bill.

During the latter events of Pyramids, he becomes "dimensionally maladjusted" and flat as a shadow, but returns to normal with everything else. In fact, Queen Ptraci asks him to "have a look at" the royal finances, which he is looking forward to with relish. His other hobbies consist mostly of arguing with his brother.