Pteppicymon XXVII

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Father of King Pteppicymon XXVIII (Teppic) of Djelibeybi, and of the handmaiden Ptraci; and 1397th monarch of the Valley of the Djel.

He shocked the country's priesthood by sending his son away to be trained at the Assassins' school in Ankh-Morpork, since he had heard that it gave a very good education; the priesthood were very much against any kind of secular education for someone who would one day be a god.

Died - embarrassingly - when jumping off a high wall attempting to emulate the flight of seagulls.

Really didn't want to be interred in a pyramid when he realised that he wouldn't die but stay there forever. His ghost disconsolately watched Dil the Master Embalmer and Gern the Apprentice strip out his corpse and ready it for interment.

Was instrumental in the breaking open of the tombs and the final - grateful - death of all the previous monarchs.