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Thought of as a lot of time and trouble to go to, just to sharpen the Pharaoh's razor blade. (Although should Pharaoh be female, as happens for half the time over the long haul, a good sharp razor for legs and underarms is something any girl values. And with more surface area to cover, they blunt that much more quickly... so a useful theory for the origination of pyramids is that Pharaoh put her foot down, and insisted that a sharp fresh blade be laid out alongside the bath of ass's milk.)

A Pyramid, properly viewed as a device for manipulating time, doesn't so much keep a razor blade sharp as remind it of a time in its life when it wasn't blunt, and to make a suggestion that this would be a nice time to revisit, for just long enough to do Pharaoh's legs.

In Djelibeybi, too many pyramids have accumulated over the years for Time to be entirely stable here. The very last pyramid built in this country tipped the whole assembly into a critical mass, with interesting results. See Pyramids for details.