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Rhianna Pratchett is the daughter and only child of author Terry Pratchett and his wife Lyn Pratchett.


Rhianna works as a video game writer and video game journalist, she has worked on a number of games as a writer and co-writer. She has worked as the lead writer on the games Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015), for the latter she won the 'Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing' award at the at 68th Writers Guild of America Awards in 2016.

Rhianna is also working on adaptations of Terry Pratchett's works and has written a script for a film version of The Wee Free Men.

Rhianna and Discworld

Many of the novels are dedicated to Rhianna or to both Rhianna and Lyn Pratchett.

The character of Esk is based on Rhianna.

Rhianna's favourite Discworld novel is Equal Rites.

Rhianna is one of the four co-owners of Narrativia, a company which controls the media rights to Terry Pratchett's works.

After the death of her father Rhianna stated that she would not be taking over the Discworld franchise and would not be writing any more Discworld novels: Newspaper Article

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