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Many of the Terry Pratchett novels have a dedication.



''The Colour of Magic'' -

''The Light Fantastic'' is dedicated to the H.P. Lovecraft Holiday Fun Club, a nod to the young authors of dark fantasy/sci-fi of a Gothic inclination, who tended to pop up doing book-signings and personal appearances in Whitby and at Goth weekenders at Pontins/Butlins holiday camps. Luminaries of this group include Neil Gaiman, Kim Newman and Mary Gentle, authors who have all either co-written with Terry or else been spoofed/referenced in the Discworld. (refer to Reading Suggestions)

''Equal Rites'' informs us the story is not wacky or zany.

''Mort'' is dedicated to Rhianna.

''Sourcery'' is dedicated to an American lady, towing a suitcase in Bath, the inspiration for The Luggage as well as people from Power Cable, Nebraska. It also tells you to draw a map.

''Wyrd Sisters'' - no apparent dedication.

''Pyramids'' - no apparent dedication.

''Guards! Guards!'': to all City Watches and Palace Guards everywhere; "And also to Mike Harrison, Neil Gaiman, Mary Gentle and to all those others who assisted with and laughed at the idea of L-Space; too bad we never used Schrödinger's Paperback".

''Eric'' -

''Moving Pictures'' -

''Reaper Man'' -

''Witches Abroad'' -

''Small Gods'' -

''The Last Continent'' has a denial that the book is about Australia.

''The Wee Free Men'' has an author's note which says the painting Tiffany enters is the The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke by Richard Dadd.

''Wintersmith'' has no dedication, but has a glossary of Feegle terms

''Maskerade'' is dedicated to the people who showed Terry how weird opera can be.

''Jingo'' is dedicated to all fighters for peace.

''Thud!'' begins with a short piece about Tak.

''Unseen Academicals'' is dedicated to Rob Wilkins and Colin Smythe. It also states that the Pedestriana chant is a parody of Brahma by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

''Raising Steam'' - "to David Pratchett and Jim Wilkins, both fine engineers who taught their sons to be curious."

''The Shepherd's Crown'' dedicated to Esmeralda Weatherwax.


''The Carpet People'' is dedicated to Colin Smythe.

''Truckers'' is dedicated to Rhianna.

''Wings'' is dedicated to Lyn, Rhianna and the sandwich-eating alligator in Florida.

''Good Omens'' is dedicated to the memory of G. K. Chesterton.

''Nation'' is dedicated to Lyn Pratchett.

''The Long Earth, The Long War, The Long Mars and The Long Utopia'' are dedicated to Lyn and Rhianna by Terry Pratchett and to Sandra by Stephen Baxter.

''The Long Cosmos'' is dedicated to Jacks Thomas and Malcolm Edwards by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter and to Sandra by Stephen Baxter.

Other Books

''The Unseen University Challenge'' is dedicated to Hazel.

''The Wyrdest Link'' is dedicated to Louise Talbot (née Pearse) and Josh Kirby.

''The Terry Pratchett Diary'' is dedicated to The Man in the Hat.