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A past dean at the Unseen University, likely when Mustrum and Henry were students. Ridcully references him in A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices and recalls that he had a less than open-door policy regarding students, and instead tried to deter them from attending his lectures by setting traps.

"I'll tap talent from all backgrounds," he used to say, "but a lad who can't spot a tripwire is no good to me!" He reckoned any student who didn't open a door very carefully and look where he was putting his feet would only be a burden to the profession. Considering this was the days of 'Dead men's pointy boots' when a wizard could advance by take vacant posts when their occupant had died (and no questions asked how they died), this served quite nicely to weed out students who were unwary, foolish or too trusting.