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Mountains and oceans separate and isolate geography and peoples and those who live beside them are often enticed to a little illicit importation, exportation, or communication with their counterparts on the other side of the sea or range. It's a hard living in the Octarine Grass foothills and the distance from everything else is an implacable enemy, unless you turn it to your advantage and find a way to bridge the gap in some small area - and make some money at it.

Renata Flitworth's father was a smuggler when he got a chance and an honest, hard-working farmer the rest of the time. Renata's lover and betrothed in her youth was a lad named Rufus (family name not provided), who was a local celebrity in the smuggling business. He had done so well that he promised to retire from the business on the profits from his last trip before their wedding.

You can guess that he didn't make it back from that last trip; killed in an avalanche, they said. This is Discworld; no opportunity for comedy or tragedy passes harmlessly. Miss Flitworth's life ended then, while her body continued for two generations. She built up a local legend in the Multiversal tradition of the bereaved bride / lonely old maid (without actually walking about in a black veil or white shroud). Many believed that she had chests of treasure in her house from Rufus's exploits.

There were occasional whispers that Rufus had merely grown cold feet and taken them to Genua, but Death knows otherwise.