Scoone Avenue

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Scoone Avenue is the face of the wealthy (old-money) district of Ankh, the front-row seat from which to look down on grotty Morpork across the river. It is a broad, tree-lined avenue that slopes upward towards the highest ground, upon which stands the Grand Trunk clacks tower, offering panoramic views of the city below. It begins at the King's Way with the ancestral mansion of the aristocratic Ramkin family, now the home of the city's wealthiest and most powerful couple, and follows the curve of the river hubwards to Hen & Chickens Field. Despite the Ramkin family's retaliation against "Bloody Stupid" Johnson working on their estate, Johnson did contribute to Scoone Avenue nevertheless. No.1 Scoone Avenue was accidentally built entirely upside down. The cellars, the only part above ground, are still in use.

Following their marriage, Moist von Lipwig and Adora Belle Dearheart now reside on this street, as befits their joint status and occupations in service of the City.

Previous distinguished or othewrwise notorious residents on this street include Sir Desmond Pontefract, who was known to the Post Office as a difficult person to deliver to.


"Scoone" is the posh way to pronounce scone.

A particular detail in the description of the street's residents ("People in Scoone Avenue were said to be so aloof they wouldn't even talk to the gods. This was a slight slander. They would talk to gods, if they were well-bred gods of decent family") brings to mind a section of a well-known poem concerning the families of the so-called Brahmins, the old-moneyed clans of Boston, Massachusetts:

So this is good old Boston,
the home of the bean and the cod,
where the Lowells talk only to the Cabots,
and the Cabots talk only to God."
...(John C. Bossidy, in Toast to Holy Cross Alumni Dinner - 1910)