King's Way

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King's Way is a radial road in Ankh from The Cut to Dark Gate and the Racecourse, where it becomes King's Down and proceeds to the Deosil Gate. It intersects Scoone Avenue at the Ramkin Residence.
By inference, it is a high-rent high-status district of the City possibly analagous to Mayfair on the Monopoly board.

Samuel Vimes, when provoked to proletarian fury by a man who could afford to live on King's Way because he exploited the labour of people who could only afford to live on Cockbill Street, once ordered Fred Colon to ensure the complainant got his way as regards having no Dwarf or Troll watchmen patrolling the area. He ordered Fred to go out, recruit a few more Zombies, and assign them to King's Way so that it could boast a completely human police force. (Nobody ever said they had to be living humans).

Nobby once wondered about the King's Shilling and King's Way, when Ankh-Morpork no longer had a crowned King.