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Skazz, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name 'Skazz'
Race Human
Age young (presumably, since all that hair is in the way)
Occupation Student Wizard
Physical appearance robe and pointy hat separated by hair
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Children no
Marital Status n/a
Books Soul Music

Started as a student wizard. Part of Ponder Stibbons' research group working on Hex. Indeed, Skazz is generally credited as the one who built (a loose term at best) Hex, or at least the first prototype (the ants-in-glasswork). This one could only do maths. Known only as Skazz and described as though, if he had no nose, no-one would know which way he was facing.

Aside from working with Hex, Skazz has also read at least one work by "Numbers" Riktor, which he mentions while discussing the mysterious living Music With Rocks In with Ridcully and Ponder Stibbons.